I’ve been lucky to have done some pretty amazing things in my life and so many people have played key roles in helping me get my expeditions and documentaries together so I now want to help people head out on their own adventures - no matter what that may be!

Feel free to ask a question, share a thought and I try to help you out best I can. 

You’ll find no robots, or moderators answering my emails, so please excuse any delays. All I ask is that you pay it forward to some one else in the future.

Remember - Adventure is a relative and personal thing. 

No one can tell you what your adventure is going to be.


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If you’re keen to get me along to do a presentation for your company, organisation or school I would love to be involved! 

Please feel free to get in contact via the contact form above & make sure you check out my dedicated speaking website HERE



I’m also on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram all with the handle @justinrjonesy